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The Kickstarter to make our web comic Zombie Ranch into a volume collection went live on April 10th!

There are many rewards to choose from or you can donate and choose to receive nothing if you are simply a fan of Zombie Ranch who has been buying all our Zombie Ranch stuff when visiting our booth at comic conventions. Though for $200 you will get free stuff and be able to get a commission drawn by me. But if you just want something drawn by Dawn, you can get the $150 reward and I will send you a Dawn Wolf original artwork drawn on 9x12 inch Bristol Board or a digital print (that will never be printed again) with a bunch of Zombie Ranch goodies as well.
Though be warned, I sometimes draw odd things. Like the artwork shown below that I have called Duckiecorn and drew a few nights ago.

There is also a $250 reward where you get a commission from me and a zombie horse plushie that I have hand made.

Just to warn you, I only have a limit of 15 on the $150 goal, 3 for the $200, and 2 for the $250.

Though these reward tiers are only for those who have been wanting to purchase original artwork from me. Any small amount will help in reaching our goal, really.

Telling others that might be interested in Zombie Ranch our Kickstarter is also helpful. Use this link to let others know about it:… 

Kickstarter short link:


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